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Removing Tax Breaks of Oil and Gas Companies

A few days ago we heard the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, Republican from the state of Ohio, state that the  tax credits that the oil and gas companies are getting should be removed.  His reasoning for this is because of the gigantic profits they are reaping at these hard times that the U.S. public are going through at this time.

The oil companies are hitting us with higher and higher cost at the pumps and then they are still getting our tax dollars simply because our elected officials are afraid of losing the contributions from the oil companies.  I say if these congress men and women, and senators are afraid of losing election contributions they need to be elected out of office.  We do not need anyone that is controlled by big money.  They are not working for  us they are in bed with the enemy. 

That is one thing I have been saying for a long time.  Big money corporations don’t have our well-being in mind and its the same for a good number of our law makers.  Get rid of the ones that don’t have our welfare in mind.  Our homegrown senator DAVID VITTER, is against taking the tax credit away from the oil companies.  What in hell do our elected officials think we are made of?

Now that we have one day in which the oil prices drop a few cent and the price of gasoline came down by about 9/10th of a cent, I hope that the people that  want to ban the tax credits to the oil companies don’t change their minds.  The 9/10th of a cent will not purchase a drop of gas. 

I can’t understand Sen. Vitter’s thinking even though he is from Louisiana.  He should have some concern for the people of this state.  We are not the richest state in the union and we have been through so much since the year 2000.  We still haven’t gotten over  the devastation that was caused by the BP oil spill and the lies that that company was feeding us.

Yesterday when I heard that the price of a barrel of oil had dropped below one hundred dollars, I texted as many people as I could, telling them not to buy gas until today, just to see how much the price will come down.  I haven’t been out today but I truthfully don’t think that the price will drop that much.


It wasn’t enough that President Barack Obama had to contend with the idiots that were trying to cut him down at every turn in the road to becoming president, but we have another naysayer trying to besmirch his birth right.

The governor of Hawaii has said his (Obama’s) birth certificate is correct and legal, and the officials that investigated his background and vetted him prior to election accepted it, what is the problem? If pinch-mouth Donald Trump has proof that he is not a natural born citizen of the United States, why doesn’t he produce the documentation.  Set the record straight once and for all.  Instead of setting back crowing and not putting his proof where his tight mouth is, is just making more fodder for the people that are or were against President Obama from the start.

If 45% of the Republicans believe that Obama was born outside of the U.S., they should get with Trump and make him produce his proof.  I for one think that he is just making noise and really doesn’t have any proof.

I truly don’t believe that Donald Trump could beat President Obama if he were to run for president. According to some politicians in Iowa, they are not sure that Trump realizes the difficulty he may face in Iowa.  They don’t think he can pull himself away from his every day business duties to campaign in the state. They think that he may want to pass up the caucus meetings he would have to contend with.

There is a reason for what he is doing but he hasn’t exposed it yet.  Every day Trump is coming out with something new and he hasn’t given away anything or his reasons for doing what he is doing.  With all of his money he may just be playing a game and pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes.  Whatever he is doing, he is sure getting plenty of mileage out of it.  He is in the news in some form or fashion every day.

Well, enough about The Donald.


Everyone knows that the U.S. is hurting for jobs at this time. There is a need for people to get back to work in order to support their households, there was a time when only the man needed to work and the wife stayed home to raise the kids and take care of the home.

Everyone knows why this is not being done. We are at a point where big business is shipping more and more jobs offshore.

Jobs are being sent to China, Mexico, Cambodia, India, and other countries where labor is dirt cheap and shipped back to the U.S. where the cost of producing and shipping these goods back is increased three, four, or five hundred percent and sold to us.

It is not something new that we are just being made aware of, but it IS something that the general public has known and should sit up and take notice of. Big business has been raping the American People far too long and the politicians (Democrats) have not paid attention to, this fact has been pushed to the back burner and the main things that we have been looking at is the debt that has been heaped upon the Americans. Republicans are making everyone think that the national debt is the doings of the Democrats, but it really started with the Republicans in office. Bush sort of denied everything and left it for President Obama. Now the Republicans that are in office now are putting it in a way that makes the general public believe that President Obame is the one that have caused all of the problems.

Democratic candidates are now starting to point out who are the people that are hurting us. The men and women that are being elected are the very people that have been shipping our jobs away and the ones that are laying to us about who is causing all of our problems. Republicans have been shipping jobs or juggling facts for decades. Their main interest is to increase profits in order to line their pockets.

It is true that unions caused prices to increase but it took unions to break the lock that big business had on everyone and to get the businesses to increase wages. Unions were the force that made Republicans loosen their purse strings and pay the workers a decent wage. It took walkouts and strikes. It took tightening their belts for a little period of time. It took strikes to get better medical coverage. It took strikes to get better working conditions and safer working conditions and shorter work hours. These things would not have happened without unions.

It is my wish that we all wake up and see how and who has been causing our economic problems. It is said by Republicians that Democrats give away too much money, but if it were left to the Republicans we would have just two classes of citizens, the very rich and the very poor.


What is Washington doing about our border and drug problem? The way I see it they are doing nothing. We have been complaining about the wide open borders for so long, you would think that someone would sit up and take notice.

Illegals from all over the world come in through Mexico and then cross the Rio Grand whenever they feel like walking across. 

I cannot understand the thinking of the federal government in not doing their job.  We elect them to do the right thing and protect us but they do nothing but go to Washington and sit on their hands.  We need for them to get together and forget about which party they belong to.   The average American does not care which party an elected official belongs to, they only care if that individual is doing something beneficial for the nation.  Are they protecting the people and seeing that the laws are upheld?  Are they doing something about the drug problem?  The people that are in Washington, D.C., are so worried about following party lines that they forget about who put them there and what is the reason that they are there.

We want to know if our children are being protected and will we have enough money to put food on the table.

We have welfare but  no one is doing anything to get people off the welfare roles.  Young girls are having baby after baby and have no money coming in and the father of the children can’t be found.  There is good reason to place limits on the number of children that an unmarried female can have and still stay on welfare.  I have worked in areas where young women would come in with a baby on a hip and two children under the age of five trailing behind her.  Ask her who the father of the children is and she may or may not be able to tell you and if she can, ask her is he or they taking care of their children?  Nine out of ten times the father of the children will be absent and not caring for his children. 

It would be cheaper for those mothers to perform some sort of community work and be paid for it rather than have them sitting at home doing nothing.  There could be child care centers set-up to care for the children for so many hours a day while the mothers go to work.  This way there would be a service performed and the mother would not be sitting at home watching soap operas.  If the mother does not show up for her five or six hours of work then that amount of money would be subtracted from her welfare check or paycheck.  One way or another she would know that her check would depend on the amount of work she does. 

After she applies for welfare if she has anymore children out of wedlock, then she would have to give the name of the father and he would have to own up to the child.  His child support would come directly out of his paycheck and the employer would mail it to the state.  If he does not have a job in order to pay for the support of the child, he would be incarcerated. 

These women and absentee fathers must take care of their children.  The state must get strict and start enforcing the law and help these men and women to stop having these children.  There too many preventative methods now for these women to needlessly have child after child, with no apparent way to care for them other than welfare.

Now let’s get to the subject of schooling or education.  It is a known fact the the drop out rate is continually growing.  More and more of our young people are not finishing high school and if they do finish, the males are not going on the college, so they are truly not  prepared to enter a workforce that is becoming more technical as time goes on.

It was a bad thing that the draft was discontinued and a volunteer military replaced it.  Two things happened when they did, the crime problem balooned and more young men were put on the street with no visible means of acquiring a job.  That left them with only one thing to do in order to support themselves, that was to turn to a life of crime.  Working for McDonald’s or BurgerKing would not pay enough.

I have worked in law enforcement and the criminal justice system and I have seen the young men come in without an education or a means of support.  I have seen them when they had to fill out certain forms and they could not read well enough to complete the form.  It is a pitiful sight to see someone that is eighteen or nineteen have someone help them with their name.

I have seen them sitting in jail, just as happy as a pig in s##t, and glad to get three meals a day.  The meals consisted of:  Morning, grits or firina and scrambled eggs, and a canned fruit,  Noon,  a hot meal, and Evening:  a cold cut sandwich.  This was what they had, day in and day out.

Now lets’ go back up to the top of this article.  Why is it there are federal laws on the books that forbid the illegal entry into this country but the federal government does nothing to stem the flow of illegal immigrants?  The elected officials don’t listen to the people, they listen to big business.  The federal government doesn’t run this country, it is run by big business and until the people stand up and do what has just been started, they will not listen to us.  During the elections that just took place last week and many incumbents lost their seats or had a hard time being reelected.  Come the general election I think that more incumbents will be shown the door.  This will be good, for it will show the ones that have been in office for more than a decade that their jobs are in jeopardy and aren’t as secure now as they once were.  This is what needs to be done because there are those that are in Washington, D.C., that are just there doing what big business wants them to do and they are not concerned with our needs.  At that time it will be bye, bye see you later.