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Why do the kids in New Orleans give up on themselves? Most of the teenagers have no self esteem whatsoever. Each and every one goes to school because state laws say that they must attend school until a certain age.

I recorded the documentary of life at Walter L. Cohen Senior High School, located in New Orleans, Louisiana. I will view that recording many times with hopes of obtaining some inside knowledge as to why they have the mindset that makes them give up on life, when they haven’t even started living.

We all know that peer pressure is so great that parents, teachers, tutors, community leaders, sports figures have no way of making an imprint on these students lives. In the school that, at one time had almost a thousand students attending each year, the documentary said only sixty-six students started their senior year at Cohen. I am sorry to say that I didn’t graduate from Cohen, but my life did work out for the better.

Kids of today can’t do it the way that I did. I left W. L. Cohen and joined the Marine Corps for four years. I am not certain but I don’t think any branch of the military will take an individual today without a high school diploma. Everything is too technical. I did my four years and when I got discharged I found out that I was not trained to do anything. So in the process I joined the Air Force and passed the exam in order to attend the Electronic School in Denver, Colorado, after which I attended the airborne Fire Control Systems School, which was RADAR and Low Altitude Bombing Systems.

Now it comes to the students having leaders. Walter L. Cohen has people that want to lead but these students have been influenced by their peers and their neighborhoods and the gangs that are located there and they think that they have to belong to the gangs to survive. They have grown up with these thoughts and there has been no one to correct their way of thinking. The only way to change that way of thinking is to do it one individual at a time.

The parents have very little influence on these teenagers. In a way they are mad, angry at society and don’t want to change their way of thinking because they will be ostracized by their peers. They are of the frame of mind that tells them that all of their confrontations have to be settled with a gun. That is why the murder rate is so elevated.

What has happened to the parents of old? Someone, about twenty-five years ago or so came up with the idea that it was better to just talk to children and give them “Time-outs” rather than “Tan” some butt. If the child is taught self control and self respect when he or she is small, then it carries over to their teenage years. But parents don’t want to chastise their child and don’t want anyone else doing it. I have made the statement many times that everything started to go downhill when our federal government, in all its wisdom eliminated the Selective Service and draft. That was basically done because all of the fat cats up in their ivory towers did not want their poor little rich sons going into the military. Well we can blame the high murder rate on a less structured life style of today.

In a world where parents can’t or won’t discipline their children, you don’t have that military drill instructor kicking your son’s butt and yelling at him at three or four o’clock in the morning because he had not shaved close enough that morning. Or making him run around a Parade Field, (Grinder, Drill Field, or whatever it is called by the Army, Navy, or Marine Corps) three or four times with a full pack and rifle just to make sure he remembers who is the boss.

You may say, “What does that have to do with raising a boy?” Well it may sound a little like going overboard with training to you but that boy you let go into the service will come out a man with a hell of a lot more control than you can teach him.

On that program about Walter L. Cohen they showed children that wanted to accomplish something while attending school but there was something that was missing, something that they needed and could not find. When you have a school that is in a building the size of the building where Cohen is located and you have are only 66 kids in the 12th grade class and only 32 graduated. That tells you that the school is almost empty.

There were a lot of great teachers at Cohen when I was there. I am not saying that the ones that are there are not great teachers but they don’t have any assistance from the homes of the students. These teachers cannot do it all by themselves. I for one have had children in the Jefferson Parish school system and if that child is absent from school, before twelve o’clock a parent gets a call from that school asking why is the child absent. What is happening in Orleans Parish? Uh?

I was with the Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriff’s Office for twenty-one years and ninety percent of the inmates could not fill out a simple form without assistance. If they were sentenced to state time, they have to complete personal information forms prior to being transferred to state custody. These inmates would have to have someone stand beside them and assist them to fill the form out line by line.

I can see where, in some schools the teaching staff is falling down. It seems to me that the teachers are promoting the students just to get rid of them. Teachers should not do that, they are there to instill ambition and make certain the child learns, and not push them on to the next grade, just to keep up with their age group.


I often wonder why the general public in New Orleans puts up with certain happenings. They are paying for certain things and not receiving fair service for their money in some cases. If the elected officials put something in place and contract the service out to a specific company that company should be required to put up a performance bond and if they fail to perform they should lose their bond.
The case that I am thinking of is Total Sentencing Alternatives Program, who monitors the braclets that are placed on inmate legs to monitor their house arrest. In their contract it should stipulate where any violation of the house arrest will be reported to the NOPD immediately and a warrant issued for the arrest of the person.
Furthermore if the company is worth hiring, from the size of the device they should have a GPS location system in it. Cell phones have GPS location as small as they are.
Those boys that killed the bartender is the French Quarter didn’t live in the quarter and if the authorities had been notified in a timely manner that poor lady may still be alive. As a matter of fact if the parents of the boys had reported them out past their curfew she may still be alive.
A large percentage of the blame can be place on the head or heads of the parents because they neglected to take charge of their children.
In my estimation the federal government should make it mandatory for males to serve three years of civil service between the ages of 18 & 20. Not military service but some sort of structured service to the country to teach them some sort of pride and self control. No exception. No getting out of it because your daddy or uncle some big wig or a billionaire. A three year break after high school and some civil service work will do them some good, away from momma and daddy.


If you watched the president speaking last night, you couldn’t be anything but inspired by the speech.

With the condition that the economy is in from the Republicans, at least he is trying to do something about it. Why do the Republicans think that they have a cure-all for what has happened? They basically had the reins for the majority of eight years, and what did they do? NOTHING. But leave it to the governor from the great state of Louisiana, who thinks he can straighten everything out, to put his foot into his mouth, shoe and all.

You would think he had enough sense to not make any kind of statement following President Obama’s speech. But someone that knew he was from Louisiana, talked him into showing America what kind of idiots come out of Louisiana. It wasn’t enough that he made news by not taking a portion of the money that was meant to help people that need it.

It was’t enough for him to let everyone think he had something loose in his head, but he had to open his mouth and prove he did. According to the polls, what the public thought of Obama prior to his speech jumped fifteen or twenth points after the speech.

He did not say that his program will cure all of our ills overnight. He didn’t even say that it would cure all of our problems, but his speech gave us something to look forward to and not what the republicans have given us during the last eight years.



I have heard of different factions pulling against each other before, but this is one time I am dumbfounded with regards to why in this year of 2009 there is so much adverse feeling within the city.

To me it seems as though since August of 2005 race relations within the city have been going downhill faster than a speeding bullet. No one wants to give and inch. The hurricane all but wiped out the city and the people that returned don’t seem to want to get together and rebuild it. The only news that comes out of the city is bad news. Every day you hear of two, three, or four murders taking place.

Contractor companies that have gotten contracts to rebuild parts of the city have taken the money and run.

Vandals are ripping the city apart to sell copper and other parts of houses that have been repaired.

I read the New Orleans news on the internet every day in order to see what is going on in my home city. Needless to say I have become very imbarressed because of what I see is happening. We have a mayor that is fighting with the city council and hiding behind closed doors, handing out contracts without letting the general public know what he is doing. Why is Ray Nagin so set against working with the city council? Just as he was elected by the people, so were the council members.

Why is it when something as important as voting on an ordinance as important as one that has to do with Nagin’s veto on transparency would three members of the city council be absent and the President of the council in her dumb way “recuse” herself?

Didn’t they realize the effect and the outcry their absence would have. When blacks are trying to accomplish something constructive, along comes three idiots to tear down what little work has been done to pull the community together. Don’t they realize that there are people out there just waiting for something like this in order to criticize the black community as a whole, when it only takes a few cronies to muddy up the water.

Let up all pray that the council gets some sense in their collective heads and that they can do the right thing. The city needs all the help that it can muster.