Monthly Archives: March 2009


I am sure that those of you that have read my past blogs are accustom to me harping on people being obese, fat, or overweight. They all mean the same thing, “You are too big in girth.

Have any of you lost any pounds yet? If you think that being overweight is a joke, think of the people that you know that are plagued by an extra layer or two of “FAT” ?

Most of you that fit into the above categories but are in a state of self denial. If you have one in your bedroom, go get undressed and stand in front of your full length mirror. (1) Can you see how your thighs are rubbing together? (2) Can you think of the parts below your stomach that you cannot see? (3) Can you remember the day that you could stand upright and see your shoes while they are on your feet?

If you answer any one of these questions with the wrong answer, such as: (1) Yes, (2) Yes, and (3) No.  Then you are most certainly “FAT”. Get with the program.  One way to do that is to place less food (1/2 your usual amount) on your plate.  Wait twenty minutes and go back for seconds.  Geneally you will have that full feeling and you won’t eat any more.  The next thing is to leave the high calorie food alone between meals.

Now for you loved ones of the “FAT” people, it is time for you to take matters into your hands. Tell those people that they need to lose the weight. That you love them and want them to be around for many more years.

Tell them that being “FAT” contributes to their having Diabetes, high blood pressure, joint problems of their legs, and other ailments that are brought on by being overweight.

Even though you may sound like a broken record. Tell them daily that you love them and you want them to get rid of the extra pounds, because their life depends upon it. With their dropping the “FAT”, you will be so proud of them. And most of all reassure them of the fact that there are people that want them around.