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I ask this question because it is one that I often wonder how many times a day it is asked.

Why would anyone ask this question you say?  Well it is because whenever you call a company in this day and age it is on your mind when you call a company for service on a product  you have purchased and the product is giving you a problem.  You know that you are going to have trouble the instant your call is answered and a computer voice ask you to press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish.

From this point it only gets worse.  Upon getting a human, that person starts out by asking your name, which is mispronounced.  Then you have to go through a series of number checks, which you cannot understand.

I made several calls to Hewlett-Packard while having problems installing a new printer and they have codes for the technician that is assisting you, such as TC for Tampa Bay, but that technician is located in India.  Why would they give a technician that is in India, a code for Tampa Bay? 

I am sure that these people know what they are doing, because if they didn’t HP would not be using them.  But the simple fact is, they speak English in the proper manner and we here in the  US don’t, so it is hard for us to understand.  I had to keep asking them to repeat what they had said.  After a few times I would get it.

Today I had to call HP again because I wanted to correct another problem that I had, but prior to being transferred to a technician I made it known that I would like to speak to someone that was located here in the states.  They connected me to a lady that was in Michigan and I was very satisfied.  Got my problem taken  care of quickly.

I know that complaining about something like this will not make them bring those jobs back to the states, but it gives you some satisfaction knowing that you have voiced your opinion.  And they do record your conversations.

I find that if you are being called regarding a bill, they don’t have someone that speaks English as a second language call you.  That is because when they want their money, they don’t want you to misunderstand anything.


Much has been said and written with regard to what our young African-American men do in their every day lives.  We try and try to show them that certain actions are detrimental to how most of the American public sees them.  They will start a fad thinking that it shows their individuality.  They don’t consider how and where certain things are started.

As we all know, there are good ideas and bad ideas.  There are good fads and bad fads.  This is America and just as you think eggs are good for you, there are some people that think eggs are bad for us.  Milk is good and milk is bad.  This “is” America and opinions are like the nose on your face, everyone has one.

That is why my opinion regarding how our young people are wearing their clothes is not really going to influence anyone.  People have been howlering and screaming about  them wearing their pants down below the cheeks of their butt, but it does not do any good they are still going to wear them down there. 

I realize that each generation has their own idea as to what is in and what is out.  But the young men that are wearing their pants in this manner do not realize that the powers that be in employment do not view this as very chic when it comes to hiring,  and I can’t blame them.  I looks to me to be very unkempt.  If I were doing the hiring, they would not be drawing a check from me.  You may say that  I am prejudice against style, well than if it were my business, it would be one of the rules that I would judge my employees by.

If your pants have to be under your butt and your underwear has to be showing then you don’t need my job.

Belts and suspenders are produced to hold pants up and if you have a liking to wear your clothes as they do in jail then wear them that way, but not around me. 

I have yet to enter a reputable business and see employees that are wearing their clothes in this manner.  Any food establishment that is worth it’s weight in salt will not have anyone walking around with their pants saggin’.  I for one would not want anyone serving my food dressed this way. 

You may say that I am harping on this subject too long, but to me it is one of my pet peeves.  I cannot say too much against this manner of dress.  That part of your pants that is called the waistband is called that for a reason.  It is suppose to be up around your waist.  If your waist is 30 inches, then your pants are not suppose to be 36 inches in the waist.

I have titled this installment “Sheep Following the “Leaders”, because  the young people of today cannot see how saggin’ affects the way people think of them.  You be the judge……..



I have just finished viewing a movie titled, “Noise.” The movie covered how one man handled the problem of noise pollution from car alarms and building alarms when no one seem to care if they sounded continously or not.

Now I don’t advocate taking drastic measures as this man did but if the attention of the general public is awakened and people get together, nothing is impossible.

His initial solution to quieting the alarms was to let air out of tires, which did not work. Next he was breaking into cars and cutting battery cables, which landed him in jail and his wife left him.

He tried to get an amendment to the city charter, which was cut off by the mayor and he was unable to get it placed on the ballot.

His final act was to buy a truck and fit it out with all types of alarm systems that he could control manually and were loud enough to move a mountain, which he parked in front of the mayor’s office and sounded the alarms, full blast. This landed him in court again, but it got the job done.

Now the pollution problems that are plaguing New Orleans and many other large cities is drugs. This cannot be left to just the police because they can’t fight it alone. This is a problem for everyone. The use of illegal drugs, the selling of illegal drugs, the transporting of illegal drugs, and anything that has to do with illegal drugs is everybody’s problem.

As a matter of fact, anything that affects the general public in an unnatural way is pollution and should be handled on a mass scale. Take for instance, when people started installing automobile neon license plate frames on their cars, laws were immediately enacted to stop the use of those frames. It was said, the frames blinded the driver in the car to the rear. I don’t really think that they did, but who am I to disagree with the smart men and women that write the laws. Now what I do think they should outlaw is the ultra bright blue headlights. Those things do blind you.

Also why not place limits on how loud the volume can be on auto stereos. Say if it can be heard pass 100 feet from the car it is too loud, or speakers pointing out away from the car is not permitted.  That person across the street or your next door neighbor may not like the same type of music that you do.  That is pollution to him.

These are things that cause a certain amount of irritation (pollution), be it audio or visual. We have mufflers on car and trucks to hold down the engine noise, take it a little bit further.



Most people in the metropolitan are of New Orleans may think it is a joke for young children to be murdered. It is no joke and it is not funny. 

The mothers of these children that are being killed know that they are putting the lives of their children in jeopardy but dealing in drugs, using drugs and fooling themselves into believeing that they can get away with breaking the law. 

Everyone associated with anyone that says, “Drugs are fun,” is a fool and is fooling themselves. 

Those people that are living in Trianon Square know that it is dangerous to be there and do nothing to clean up that area. You ask how I know the dangers of that area, well my family and I were residents of that area way back in the eighties, when it was a good place, with good neighbors and as that one person said, with children playing in the streets. 

We lived in Trianon for approximately two years and there was never anyone killed in the area. The worse thing that happened was some boys, having “fun”, took someone’s boat and in the process the boat capsized and one of the young boys drowned.

I know that in this area where these young people were killed, that the main residents are African-American and not what you might consider what you may want to live next door to. Well the majority of these people are good people, trying to do their best for themselves and their children.  What we do have here are those few bad apples that don’t consider how their actions  affect the people around them. 

Let us not forget that in order to have a community that we are proud to live in, we must have people in that community that are willing to protect it. People that say to the other residents that they are not going to put up with violence and lawlessness. In order for these neer-do-wells to take over a neighborhood, you have to have people that don’t care. I am not sure that all of these people do not care. 

There are no boundaries when it comes to crime. You can live in Beverly Hills and still have problems. So to those people that say the crime in New Orleans is spreading to the Westbank, I say to them, if you don’t want crime to increase in your neighborhood, clean up your neighbor-hood. 

If you see something that is wrong, report it over the telephone where no one will get your name and know who reported it. Don’t let them take over your street. If you give them half a chance they will take advantage of it, and you.