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Are the parents being a true part of their children’s lives?

Anytime we have a child shot down in the city of New Orleans, the parents are always blaming someone else for the reason that their child was murdered.  They never consider that not monitoring what is going on in that child’s life and being a part of it may have been  responsible for this tragedy.  Maybe if  they had made that child go to school, or not be associated with a certain people that they knew were leading that child in the wrong direction, the bad things would not have happened.

Parents today want to love their children too much and not create any animosity or family tension.  Before we had all of this child psychology and friendly parenting, the children were not killing themselves. 

Coming directly to the point, years ago kids had their fights but the outcome was very different.  They would have their fights, it would end and either the children would remain friends and get along with each other or they would not.  They would never leave, go home, or go to their stash, get a gun and return and shoot the winner of the fight.  In those days we would never have a boy lose a fight, go home, tell his mother about his lost and his mother would give him a gun and tell him to go get even.

The majority of the problems we are having  today is the responsibility of the parents.  Or should I say the negligence of the parent or parents because I have known men that do not want anyone, and that includes teachers, ministers, or any person of authority telling his or her child what to do or what not to do.  They instill in their children a  sense of rebellion which the child possesses throughout life.  And may I state, passes on to his or her children.

These lenient parents give their children a free pass to try to escape from reality and be above the law when it comes to the life of another human being.  You and I have seen and heard of young adults that wouldn’t give a plugged nickle for the life of another.  They would just as soon take a gun and shoot their enemy as to take the time to negotiate, in what you may call a diplomatic manner, a peaceful solution to his problem.  A long time ago it was called, “Turning the other cheek.”

So my request is for each and everyone take it upon yourselves to try, at least a little to be a little hard on your children.  Don’t tell them that everything that they do is good.  Let them know that you don’t approve of their every action.  That talking back to the teacher will not be accepted.

Let’s put it this way.  We are allowed to have our disputes with whomever we have them.  We live for the moment and then we get over it and go on with life.  Our life and we don’t take the other person’s.


Intimidation, Retaliation, Revenge, Whatever

I don’t care how many ways you slice it, the taking of a life (in this case two) over someone testifying against you for robbery is beyond any sane reaction.

These two people were God Fearing, grandparents of the person that tesified, this person or persons should have been incarcerated from the time they were arrested for the first crime until now.  That way two good elderly people would still be alive.

Intimidation or retaliation crimes in New Orleans are running rampant, that is the reason crime is so high.  The courts are too lenient on criminals and because of the open door policy they are a farce. True enough their case load is out of control, but that is no reason for letting criminals walk the streets. Another problem is the family. These career criminals play on their families. They land in jail and then they beg and plead for their families to bail them out, which they do, knowing perfectly well that they are going to come out on the streets and do the same crime again or maybe worse. They are showing that person that is in jail that just as when they were juveniles and getting away with everything, that it is possible for them to do the samething in adulthood.

If you have someone in jail for a violent crime or even for a semi-violent crime the bail should be set so high that they are unable to get out of jail.

One other thing, the grandson knew that this alleged shooter was looking for him and I am sure that the police knew it also.  Why weren’t the police more vigilant.  It seems to me that in cases where you have someone that is known to be violent that they would have the judge that placed the bail bond on the person, revoke the bond and have the person rejailed with no bail.

I have been around New Orleans for quite some time and I do know that Robert Jenkins is a trial lawyer (but not a very good one).  He pleads more cases out then he wins. 

I would not have him for a traffic ticket.


I think that I have found a subject that is important enough for me to write a little on every day or two.  I have been monitoring the news coming out of my favorite city, New Orleans, Louisiana.  

There has been so much murder in that city that I feel that I cannot bypass putting in words how I feel about it.  I do hope that I can get some readership and some readers emailing me regarding their feelings on the subject.  

There should be laws on the books that make the reckless use of a firearm punishable by at least five years in prison.  Those people that have no regard for human life should not be allowed to enjoy that peace loving citizens have.   

True enough we have the right to purchase a weapon, be it for hunting or self-protection, but we have no right to take the life of another human being, indiscriminately.  To many people are dying in New Orleans and the powers that be seem to be doing nothing to stop it.  If more people would speak out regarding controls, it may be possible to get Mayor Nagin and the other elected officials to do something about how offenders are handled. 

I really must be fooling myself.  The only way for things to get better is a complete house cleaning.  From the lowest, up through the city counsil to the mayor.