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Isn’t is wonderful, big business is coming back to St. Bernard Parish. Have we not learned that the very large businesses aren’t always the best businesses. They do not help a parish that has a limited number of people living there.

A parish such as St. Bernard has small areas where people live with Mom and Pop stores. These small stores can’t compete with the large stores and their low priced goods. They (the small stores) buy there products by the case and not by the train car load.

When WalMart purchases products from China or India they buy a ship load and what that Mom and Pop store may pay for a case, WalMart will purchase for 75% less.

Sam Walton’s children don’t care anything about the people that live around their stores or the employees that work for them. They do not help the communities where their store are located. All they care about are the millions of dollars that Super WalMart store.

Most of the large chain stores are just like WalMart. They have to make their investors happy. If they don’t turn a profit, they give the CEO a stupid large bonus and kick his butt out.  The name of the game is increase the bottom line or your bottom won’t be around very long.

Now just consider, St. Bernard Parish does not have enough businesses in the lower area to employ all of the people that live down there, so a  large portion of the population has to travel north to Chalmette or New Orleans to work.  Now thinking of all those people in Chalmette and New Orleans going home.  Do you  think they are going to wait until they get to lower St. Bernard Parish and pass up the larger stores that have the lower prices?  I don’t think so…..  

The people on the parish council tell you that business is coming back just because the larger stores are building.  Well that is not the case, the large stores are driving the smaller stores and businesses away.

And just like it was done in Slidell,  it makes no difference, the parish council will do what they want and give permits to the giants, to hell with the little man or woman……



This posting was from an email received from a very good friend and I am posting it on my blog because I think that it needs to be read by everyone. It also shows what type of people we have heading national organizations of this country.

Dear Family, Relatives and Friends,
Our families and friends in St. John The Baptist Parish, Louisiana needs your help and support. A note to the secretary and council people that you are outraged and offended is sufficient. Please see the trash below.

From: Dr. E. Faye Williams, Esq.
National Chair
National Congress of Black Women, Inc.
1251 4th Street, SW
Washington, DC 20024

I can’t do the graphics because that’s been cut, but it was a picture of gross black bugs and the message below was an E-mail sent to most white leadership in La Place, Louisiana (the banker, some officials, notary public, etc.)

The Council is meeting tonight, so I sent a message for them to deliver to the Council.

~- .F,:-·!L; Love Bugs – Yahoo! Mail
Page 1-01 j
–.-.–.——–.–.- ..,-..–.—.—–~——–.—– .._-_._———_ ….-.__….__ ._—_ …._….-_.._—– ..~—”–”‘-’ ‘–’
Subject: Love bugs and niggers!
After an intense study, scientists have
discovered that love bugs ( Ptecie neerctice)
are the niggers of the insect world. The facts to
support their findings are listed below. The
similarities are astounding!

1. They’re Black
2. They Love cars
3. They serve absolutely no purpose
4. They stick together
5. People hate to see them coming
6. People are forever trying to figure out
how to get rid of them
7. They are usually found in large numbers
in the south
8. They aggravate white people
9. They are constantly screwing and making more of them
10. No one cares when they die”=25&sMid=4&t’id= Inbox&sort=… 5/31/2009

by Victoria St. Martin, The Times-Picayune
Tuesday June 23, 2009, 6:24 PM
The president of a St. John the Baptist Parish volunteer fire department resigned under pressure after officials learned about an e-mail message he forwarded that contained a racial epithet, Parish President Bill Hubbard said.

Hubbard, who talked about the e-mail message after a Tuesday council meeting where it was read aloud, said he asked LaPlace Volunteer Fire Department President Frank Fagot to step down from his post.

After questioning Fagot about the e-mail, Hubbard also ended a $30,000 annual contract with Fagot’s shipping business for the parish’s postage services.

Hubbard said Fagot, who denied forwarding the derogatory e-mail message to another parish fire department, resigned on May 27, hours after he was questioned by administrators.

“It was so offensive, ” said Hubbard, “we had to take action. And we did.”

Buddy Boe, parish spokesman, said Fagot’s position was not a paid one, nor does he receive any benefits from the parish.
During a standing-room-only meeting Tuesday night, Councilman Richard “Dale” Wolfe read aloud the 100-word message, which compared African-Americans to love bugs and used a racial epithet to describe them.

” ‘They stick together, ‘ ” said Wolfe, quoting the e-mail.
“We’re going to try to stick together, ” he added.
After a spokeswoman from a concerned citizens’ committee read a statement asking parish officials to take action, Wolfe thanked parish administrators for already having done so.

“This should make us come together even closer, ” he said. “If not, we’re going to catch hell in St. John the Baptist Parish.”
Some council members voiced concerns about the month-old e-mail message.

“I hope this is the beginning and the end, ” said Councilman Haston Lewis Sr.

Fagot, reached at his home Tuesday, said he was not sure he sent the message.

“If I did it, it was accidental, ” he said. Fagot, who offered his apology, said he believes someone may have hacked into his e-mail service and sent the message.

Robert Taylor, president of the parish’s NAACP chapter, called Fagot’s resignation a “slap on the wrist.”

The Black community feels offended, insulted and disappointed that this comes up at this time.

Please use this mailing list to voice your concerns. Lets flood the
e-mails to the councilpersons at j.landeche@sjbparish.comm secretary to the council. Councilpersons can also be reached at individual e-mails under their names.

St. John The Baptist Parish needs to know that African-Americans across the nation knows about this blatant and offensive communication intended to hurt.


Richard Dale Wolfe
_d.wolfe@sjbparish.com_ (

Steve Lee
_s.lee@sjbparish.com_ (

Danny Millet
_djmillet@rtconline.com_ (

Charles Julien
_julienc@apsb.org_ (

Darnel C. Usry
_usrydistrict5@aol.com_ (

Ronnie Smith
_ssmiths@rtconline.com_ (

Cheryl Millet
_cherylmilletdistrict7@yahoo.com_ (

Please contact everyone on your mailing list and have them go to:           and read this posting.