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The thought of putting one of my dogs into a ring to fight to the death never enters myB mind.  But we have in this country a low breed of people that get some kind of enjoyment  from seeing two dogs go at each other with the sole intent of killing their adversary.

These dogs are bred to fight although I have heard many people say that they are very gentle creatures.  That they make very good pets.  I am speaking of the American Pit Bull.  They are very impressive animals.  What gets me and makes me leery of them even though I have a very good friend that owns one and the dog is very lovable and friendly.  But let’s be realistic, the dogs have been known to turn at the most inopportune times. 
The thing is, the Pit Bull breed has been known to attack small children more often than they do adults.  Some states have very strict laws relating to ownership of the breed.  Such as Florida,  which in certain counties Pit Bulls are banned all together. 

I think that owning a Pit Bull and keeping it chained up  in isolation is cruel.  If a dog has to be chained, you don’t need the dog.  Dogs are pack animals and need to socialize.  If you have an animal that is suppose to live in a pack then keeping it isolated by itself is cruel.  If you own that animal and the law says that you have to have a fence that will keep the dog on your property then abide by the law, don’t restrict the dog by chaining it up.

If a person wants a guard dog they should get a protective enclosure that keeps trespassers out and have the property posted with signs saying that there are guard dogs on duty.  The enclosure should be such that children cannot enter.

I also believe that laws should be set up, whereby they not only protect the general public but they protect that animal that you own. Those laws should stipulate how an animal is cared for and that it should not be pent up twenty-four hours a day. I pass by homes that don’t have fences around them and they have Pit Bulls chained in yards with heavy chains and the dogs are separated by twenty or thirty feet. If these dogs have the propensity to fight, then the owner should be restricted to owning only one at a time. I don’t believe these dogs are prone to fighting, they are taught to fight. Dogs that live in a group or pack have a pecking order, where you have an Alpha male and female, and all others follow. And animals that live in packs, prides, herds, and the like have ways of setting up these pecking orders. They may be different but they are hardly ever deadly. Certain members will be expelled from the group, but seldom are they killed. In a pride of lions the losing males will be cast out of the pride but hardly ever killed. The male cubs will be kill by the winning male though because he wants only his genes to flourish.

The females are not killed because they do the hunting for the pride, and the more the merrier.

Anyone that wants a dog should be kind to that animal.  If you are kind to your dog, you will have a friend for life.  Dogs have been domesticated and for hundreds of years have been loyal family members.  They give love and only ask for a gentle pat on the head.  It is up to the owner to keep him healthy, which is not hard to do.  That animal that licks your hand just needs regular check ups, food, and water, and that gentle pat on the head.  Just give him that and he will follow you forever.  Just think, the person that does not let a dog into his or her life is just like that person that does not like music, they will always be missing something.


I know this is an old subject but having experienced the problem, I want all of my friends to heed the warning and take action.

This subject is something that men (and women that love their men) take seriously. Believe me prostate cancer is something that WILL KILL YOU.

If you are over the age of 40, get that prostate test. It is simple and it can and will save your life.  I have been preaching the need for this test for the pass five years.  I know that most of my friends are tired of hearing me harp on the subject.

September is get your prostate  checked month, so get on over to the doctor’s office and get it taken care of.



Things that we thought were long passed are still happening today.   The following post was emailed to me and I think that it important enought for me to include it on my blog.  If you are reading this post please ask all of your contacts to go to :     and read this.  It shows just what is still happening in Mississippi, and there are hints that certain people would like to see it elsewhere.

Hate still lives and there is a lot of work that has to be done .  We have older people still teaching young people how to hate.  I make this statement because no one is born hating it is taught.


Did William Pittman wake up August 20, 2009  in Sumner, Ms, in Tallahatchie
County believing he would live a nightmare, that  day? 

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This is really scary but it just goes to show how overt  things have gotten
these days!

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_Attempted Lynching By My  Hometown City Attorney _
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Thu  Aug 27, 2009 6:48 am (PDT)

Please  forward to everyone you know.



This happened Thursday, August 20, 2009 in Sumner, Ms, in  Tallahatchie
County.Yes the same county where a young Black boy named  Emmett Till met his
doom/destiny some 54 years ago this week.This time  a young Black man named
William Pittman,28 years old, of Tutwiler, MS,  was the target of an
unauthorized manhunt by a law official and his  posse of “deputized” gun toting

Sometime Thursday,  August 20, 2009, Pittman & his friend McKeel Scott (at
the time of  this writing his whereabouts is still unknown) were accused by
John  Whitten III, the District Attorney of Tallahatchie County, of 
burglarizing the home of a neighbor and quite possible a  relative.According to
several sources, the boys were not actually  caught in anybody’s home at that
time, but were still accused. This  supposed act infuriated Mr. Whitten,
whose father, John Whitten Jr.,  was the defense attorney for the killers of
Emmett Till (the brothers  J.W. Milam & Roy Bryant), and so instead of going
through the  proper channels he decided to seek his own brand of vigilante
justice,  southern style.

He organized a militia of what could best be  described as a lynch mob.
Some of these men were actual law  enforcement officers while others such as
the case of an unidentified  white maintenance man from Tutwiler , MS , simply
wore a police  uniform and was given a police car along with plenty of
booze, guns  and ammunition. Even the K-9 unit from the Department of
Corrections  at the notorious Parchman State Penitentiary was alerted for this 
mission. In addition to the man, fire and canine power, Whitten  deployed two
military tanks for the purpose of hunting down Mr.  William Pittman as well.

Around 5pm on Thursday evening,  William Pittman was Public Enemy # 1 of
the Magnolia State as far as  Whitten was concerned. Whitten proceeded to
chase Pittman with his  posse of dogs, firepower and tanks for what seem to be
several hours  and a hauntingly surreal event for anybody who witnessed the 
spectacle.As bullets and missiles were whistling all around him,  William
Pittman had the presence of mind to run into a field and drop  to the ground
to cover himself in mud and grass.

Not knowing  where Pittman was hiding with the only visible evidence being 
footprints that seemed to lead to nowhere, by this time the would-be 
executioners, literally drunken with sadistic power as well as large  quantities
of alcohol, out of frustration of not being able to find  the wily Pittman,
began to shoot wildly into and around the field with  their 50 caliber
machine guns, assault rifles and tanks. 

Several law officials in the area were well aware of as well  as disturbed
by what was going on in Sumner. Sheriff Deputy Willie  Booker of
Tallahatchie County wanted to go to Sumner with backup to  stop the potential lynching
and reinforce law and order, but was  persuaded not to do so by his boss,
Sheriff William Brewer of  Tallahatchie County.Not wanting the death of
William Pittman on his  conscience, Sheriff Deputy Booker alerted Attorney Ellis
Pittman of  Clarksdale, MS, the father of William Pittman, about the mayhem
taking  place up in Sumner. Once he became aware that his son was the target 
of lynch mob justice by a man, John Whitten III, who is a sworn mortal 
enemy of his from their confrontations in the judicial arena, Attorney  Pittman
immediately alerted the appropriate authorities and shortly  thereafter got
into his car in a literal race of life and death to  Sumner, Ms.

However, it was the very courageous gesture from  the younger brother of
William Pittman, Cornelius Pittman,24, that  stopped a true tragedy from
happening that day. Without a hesitating  thought for his own safety and life,
Cornelius went into to field to  talk down the lynch mob from doing the
unthinkable. Through a true act  of God, Cornelius’ words of mercy resonated with
one of the law  enforcement officials at the gathering, K-9 Officer Michael
Davies who  then pleaded with the others to back off as well.

Once they  find out who William’s father was many more heeded the call.Some
of  the law officials then negotiated a peaceful surrender of William 
Pittman to law enforcement officers and he was placed in Sumner jail  without
any further incident or bodily harm. John Whitten frustrated  and enraged in
coming up short of his intentions then allegedly told  Cornelius Pittman in
the field the following:
“I am going to kill  Will and his whole goddamn family if I have to!”

Attorney  Pittman successfully made it to the Sumner town jail to bail his
son  out later that evening. His son currently is being housed in a safe 
place and has not been publicly seen since his horrifying brush with  death.
Attorney Pittman was also successful in interviewing and  recording several
law enforcement officials about last Thursday’s  incident.Surprisingl y all
interviewed were refreshingly honest with  Attorney Pittman about the details
of the manhunt confirming ‘the fact  is stranger than fiction tale’ without

As far as  the behavior of lynch mob leader John Whitten is concerned,
Attorney  Pittman told W.E. A.L.L. B.E. News that Whitten “is supposed to be 
enforcing laws and not breaking them.” From what I was able to find  online,
Whitten was a juvenile court judge and municipal judge for  Charleston, Ms.
Ironically, in addition to his duties as prosecuting  attorney for
Tallahatchie County he is also the city attorney for  Tutwiler, a predominantly Black
town with a Black mayor and 100% Black  town council.

W.E. A.L.L. B.E. News was made aware by several  sources that the FBI have
just started an investigation this past  Sunday August 23, 2009, working
closely with several state officials  to get to the bottom of this incident.
And on Weds. August 26, 2009 @  9PM Central/10PM Eastern, W.E. A.L.L. B.E.
Radio will be interviewing  Attorney Ellis Pittman & longtime Mississippi Civil
Rights  activist and artist Sis. Margaret Block for an update about the
case.  Please call 646-652-4593 and join the conversation as well as tune in 
online at the following link:
_  weallbe/2009/ 08/27/Tha- Artivist-
PresentsWE- ALL-BE-News- Radio_

Help Bring Awareness About What Happened In Sumner, MS, By  Doing The

Although WABG CH 6 in Greenville , MS  interviewed some principle players
in this story last week, currently  there is a media blackout on this story.
However, there are some  things you great citizens can do to bring some
truth and light to this  horrible case of true human rights violations in a
supposedly  post-racial country supposedly governed by laws and not men.
Remember  we have the power of the information highway (internet) let’s use it  for
the power of good. The best weapon in any arsenal and war is  knowledge!

“The Revolution Won’t Be Televised,  But It Will Be Blogged, Podcasted,
Twitted & Broadcasted  Online!!!”
Keep this story circulating in cyberspace and beyond by  all means
necessary!!! You can do it!!!

Remember you heard  this story first on W.E. A.L.L. B.E. News
_http://www.weallbe. blogspot. com,_ (,/)  the home of
21st  Century citizen journalism!! !

Whitten, John  (The Would-Be Lynch Mob Leader)
Tallahatchie County Prosecuting  Attorney 662-375-8726
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Sumner, MS 38957 

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