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Here we have another case of too much news.  We have the media keeping a story in front of the general public far too long.

Sure Tiger had an accident at 2:30 a.m., but is it necessary for the news media to keep the story going and pumping up the public as much as they are doing?  It could have been put to sleep in one day.

Florida law gives him the right not to testify or make statements as to why he was out driving at that time of morning.  Joe Blow may want to know his business but he does not have to tell why, just because he is a great golfer.  His private life can be kept private if he wants to keep it that way.

Why must there be a public relations problem?  He did not hurt anyone.  He probably bruised the tree and the fire hydrant, but they will get over it, with time.

All of the nosey people should pay attention to their own business, and the media should stop keeping things alive for so long.  They should realize that just as there are people out here that want to know every darn thing about people, there are us people that want to know the news and then let it drop.  Knowledge of what happened does not have to delve into every minute facet of the subject.  Take the case of the family, riding in a van in Louisiana.  The van blew a tire at 70 mph, the van rolled a couple of times and five members of the family died and 10 were in the hospital with critical injuries.  On the WWL TV website that news has been relegated to the bottom of their first page.  Tomorrow it will not even be on the website.  But I guess that is what celebrity status will get you.  What a joke.

Leave the man and his family alone……



What is the reason behind Blacks not progressing while they have the same opportunities as other people. We are given every learning device that Whites have, that Orientals have and everyone else, but we don’t use what is given to us.

It was once said, “The best way to hide something from Black people is to put it in a book.” We live in a time when everything is handed to us on a silver platter. All of the knowledge necessary to get ahead is laid out in front of us, all we have to do is pick it up. Whatever you are leaking you can find it on the Information Highway.

Black do not read. The old act of holding us down is not there anymore. We can read books, we can research information on the computer, where we have search engines to pull up information that took hours to find can now be in front of us within seconds.

But what do Blacks do?  Nothing. They would rather sit back and complain about what they don’t have and how they are being held back.  If you don’t read or can’t read in this technical age, you can’t progress. You have to be able to read. If you can’t read you cannot fill out an application for a job. There are kids in high school that are reading on a fourth or fifth grade level. I am astounded at the way Burger King and McDonald treats their employees. They put an adding machine in front of the kids who are in high school and are looking for an after school job and they are suppose to know how to add and subtract and read, but they put machines in that have pictures and names on them because the kid don’t know how to add and subtract. If you purchase something and it is an odd amount and you give the cashier a few pennies, they have to read the amount on the cash register in order to know how much change they need to give you.  These companies that are using our young people should require and encourage their employees to get passing grades and give some sort of bonus for better grades.

You would think that hiring someone to work in a business where it is necessary to have a basic understanding of mathematics, that the company would test for that knowledge. For people that work in super markets and banks, they are required to have that knowledge and skill.

Why is it parents today do not impress upon their kids the importance of reading. If your child has a computer and all he or she does on it is play computer games, it is time you put a stop to that. Turn the computer off or take the games from the child. I can’t say buy your children a set of encyclopedias because it is faster to look something up on the computer rather than dig through a physical book.

There is one thing that will encourage them to read. Subscribe to your local newspaper and have a daily current events discussion. A period where local or national news is discussed.

One last thing. Another reason that Blacks aren’t progressing as they should is because parents today are too busy to assist their children with their school work and if the parent does not have the ability to understand what the child is working on, they are not able to help.

Also the parents need to take an interest in what is happening at the school. There is the PTA that the parent should belong to, and not just in name. The parents should make their presence known, take an interest in that child.  Children will not participate in school activities if the parent does not.

Generally a child will attend school because the law says that they must.  You have the rare child that really wants to get something out of school except a report card that says they were there on a daily basis.  Children must be encouraged to read from a young age.  They must have the need instilled in them constantly.