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Have Some People Gone Crazy?

What is going on, and why are our young people killing themselves?  Daily we hear of  several multiple murders in the metropolitan area.

What is law enforcement doing about the problem?  Why can’t they do something about the people that are causing the problem?  They know where the drug activity is going on but they do nothing to stop it.  Why don’t that tell us what the people that are doing this killing are doing and what is causing the problem.

I am more than certain that these are not just domestic disputes that turn into killings.  When you have three or four people being killed in a span of two hours, in the same area and in the same manner, this is more than a domestic dispute.

We know that they cannot make a statement that flatly places the reason on drugs but they can use the that one word, “alleged”.  If a robbery is not the reason for a multiple murder then more than likely the probable cause is drugs.  So if you have something that looks like a dog, don’t beat around the bush and say nothing, call it a dog.  Also if you run into a murder that has someone that has been killed execution style, don’t brush it off lightly, say it is drugs.

At the same time if these crimes are located in a high crime area of the city, don’t let the rest of the country think that these crimes are happening all over the city, say that it is in a high crime area.  People that come to New Orleans don’t know that most of the killings don’t happening in the French Quarter.  But if they are not told that it happened three or four miles outside of the Quarter, how are they to know.  Tell them that if there is a hold-up in the Quarter that it is probably on one of the side streets of that area, and that it happened to someone from out of town that had not been told not to go to the less traveled side streets.  Stay on the heavily traveled streets, not the dark less traveled streets.  If they are the only person on that block, don’t go that way.

Now I will say that the news media is the primary distributor of false or incomplete news.  They take a simple news story and flog it to death.  You hear about the same incident, three or four days in a row.  I can understand the reporting of an unsavory happening for two days, but to hear it every day for a whole week, that is a little overplay.

So, I would say a little complaining to the media is in order.


What were you doing when the all seeing eye of the camera was watching you? This is a question that you may ask when you think about that embarrassing moment when you were doing something that you would not do in public.
Up until a few years ago no one even considered having a camera pointed at him 24 hours a day. Now cities are installing cameras as a deterrent to crime.
In a city like New York there are more than 5000 cameras that are watching at all times. The majority of the people polled in that city like the cameras watching. Crimes have been solved because pictures have been taken by these eyes in the sky.  In New Orleans there has been much resistance to the cameras, but there is a real need for something to assist the police and district attorney in fighting crime. Most of the people that are speaking out and saying that they don’t want big brother watching them, are the people that complain about the high rate of crime, and why the police don’t do more to lower the crime rate in the city. If they would consider the need for something to assist the police, they would not be against the cameras.
Now it isn’t the crime preventive cameras that the people are complaining about, it is the traffic cameras. It is the people running red lights and speeding during school hours and various other infractions that are screaming the loudest about the cameras, when they get caught and have to pay a hefty fine. People that are obeying the law and doing what they are suppose to be doing are not complaining. If they would not run red lights and have their license plate photographed, they would have nothing to complain about.
These people get everyone worked up over who has jurisdiction over enforcing traffic laws. The say that according to the city charter, the police department is responsible for controlling traffic. Well consider the fact that with all of the other crime, the police are overworked. Why is it they don’t change the city charter.