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Actually I am not fed up with India. What I am fed up with is calling an American company and having to talk to someone in India. But prior to talking to someone in India, I force to listen to ten or fifteen minutes of some computer talking to me, telling me to push 1, 2, or 3, and then when I do push a number I have to listen to another computer telling me to push more numbers.

We have hundreds of companies here in the U.S. shipping  jobs overseas to countries where they pay workers annually, barely enough for an American family to live on for one month.  Then when those goods are shipped back here to the U.S., we have to pay American prices for them.  You can’t read a label on most manufactured goods without seeing, “Made in China, or Made in Mexico”, or some other place outside the United States.  Also upon checking most of these products, you will find that the quality of the product is inferior to the same produced in the United States.

What really twist you out of shape is the thought that we have people here in the U.S. that can use all of the jobs that we can possibly get, yet we are making the big businesses and it’s owners rich and have no control over what we do because we need these products.  Almost every product that is a necessity is produced outside of the United States, yet we are paying prices that amount to just as much as if it were produced in this country. 

Free interprise is a major right in United States but to me the better good for the people should enter into the equation.  There should be a higher import tariff on goods coming into the U.S.  If making it more costly to bring products into the U.S., then require that the big businesses at least get half their workforce here in the U.S.

Also for companies that are using offshore personnel for technical assistance, they should be required to training some of their people here at home.  That old excuse that they cannot fine qualified people to do the job is a fallacy and a bunch of bull.  These companies go overseas and train the people they use in technical jobs.  Why is it they can’t train people in the states for these same jobs?  At one time the U.S. was a leader in many fields but now people can train or become educated in certain fields but can’t find work.  As I have pointed out above,  millions of educated people are out of work and can’t find employment. 

When it comes to employment of technically qualified people, there are lots of employable people in the United States that are looking for jobs, and age and race do not enter into the picture.

When it comes to the companies bottom line, the Republicans don’t want to affect the bottom lines of their friend’s companies.  When it comes to Republicans placing restrictions on large companies that they may hold stock in they are reluctant about enacting laws that will have some sort of detrimental effect on the bottom line of the large companies.

One last thing before I post this.  I was having a problem a few days ago and I contacted the company involved.  I was subjected to listening to a computer, asking me to push this number or that number.  Upon pushing the desired button I was transferred to another computer which required me to push more numbers.  Finally, the third computer informed me that by pushing the “zero”, I could speak to a representative, which I did. 

Upon being connected to the representative I could not understand what she was saying except that she wanted to know my phone number which I had to repeat approximately five times, which she did not understand, and then I asked to speak to someone in the U.S. that speaks English.  She tells me to hold the phone and was placed on hold.  When she returned she wanted to give me a reference number which I could not understand and requested again to speak to someone that I would be able to understand.  Then she informed me that she did not have the ability to connect me with someone that speaks better English.  At this time I broke the connection.


I want to wish everyone a very merry christmas and a happy and prosperous new year.

May just half of your old worries disappear and nothing but roses and cherries be forthcoming.

May all of your disputes be solved quickly.

And hug someone that you dislike.


The above is the question that is on most people’s minds. Why is it that crime (Murder) is on the rise? Every time you turn on the television someone else has been shot multiple times. And we can place blame where it should be placed. The main problem is the Black, male, youth.

My question is why must Black males kill themselves? Why can’t they see that they are wiping out an entire generation.  You would believe that the only training they received when growing up was how not to solve disputes without a gun.

When you have six people doing one stupid thing, and believing that they can beat the law and get away with it, then intelligence has just gone out of the window.  I know first hand that the majority of the inmates don’t possess a high school education.  Where were the parents when these kids were in school?  We look at this problem and we often wonder how deep does this, “I don’t give a damn mentality,” goes.

Everyone knows that something is missing when it comes to the homes of these young people.

Why didn’t someone instill into these young people the will to succeed and not get wrapped up in a life of crime.  Easy money lures youngsters into crime.  They don’t consider what life behind bars is like, all that matters is how big a kill makes to their reputation.

Our police can’t do it all, they have to have help.  If the general public does not help the police, then how are they suppose to do an outstanding job?  Spontaneous response to a shooting is not in the  cards for any police force.  They cannot know when and where a shooting is going to occur.  Once a shooting does occur they depend upon the general public to assist in apprehension of the guilty parties.

This is something that the police department depends on and when observers don’t report what they see it hinders the police in doing their job.  They beg people to come forward and still they will not help.  Witnesses know that they can report what they see, without giving their names but do they do that?  No, it is something that is beat into their heads all their lives, “Don’t be a rat.”   Well how do they expect for the police department to do their job without any aid.

The police did an outstanding job in getting the members of the bartender murder.  Those guys and girls were as dumb as nails.  Their faces were captured many times on video.  There were outstanding photos of them entering the convenience store.  There were perfect pictures of them entering their getaway automobile.  In the long run I hope that the reason for the murder comes out.  It is not for me to figure out why they had a hit out on him, it is for the police to catch these people before they can kill someone else.

The only bad part of this incident is that photographs of this quality can’t be received on every murder that takes place in the city.