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Everyone always asks, “What can be done about the crime rate in our city.”  Well that is not always hard to answer if you are looking around and see what is not being done to decrease the crime in New Orleans.  Murders are being committed each and every day but the police do not have any public assistance.


The news media would rather report a black man holding up a corner store and getting caught, for $50.00 instead of reporting that white man that is stealing thousands of dollars from the U.S. Government and sending it to some offshore bank under a numbered account that cannot be traced back to the owner. 


We see the Republicans protecting the big money boys and giving them tax breaks, but never doing anything for the little guy.  Anyone that thinks the little black man is controlling the drug trade is crazy.  The  little guys get all the jail time and get shown on the television for the world to see, but the man with the Brooks Brothers suit will never be seen on television.  Yet that person is the one that is making millions of dollars on the youth of this country and is causing them to kill each other.  Just as adverse publicity stopped K-Mart from selling ammunition for guns, complaining about the reporting of certain types of news to the advertisers on certain news programs will stop them from reporting all of the black on black killings that are happening.  True enough, these crimes are happening, but reporting each and every one is not getting the job done.  Something has to be done that stops glorifying every killing that happens.


When there were enough complaints to WWL television regarding the stories they were putting on WWLTV.COM that they stopped posting all the bad stories about blacks on their internet site.  They also stopped posting the comments that had racial overtones, and there were hundreds.  From my way of thinking, when you rile one segment of the general public up because of the bad publicity it causes dessension, and people get hurt. 


 There is power is telling the advertisers that you are going to start a drive against purchasing their products.   They are not dumb, big corporations sink millions in their advertisements and they expect a return on their money.  If along comes a group of people and start bad mouthing them because a television station is airing bad things about them and cutting into their bottom line, they don’t like it.  So the station that is airing bad news get’s black listed and the advertiser pulls his ads, both sides are losing money, so what do you think the TV station does.  You’re right, they stop bad mouthing the blacks. 


Really, what needs to be done is for blacks to protest heavily against the education system.  Our school system basically is set up in such a way that black students are on the low end of the totem pole.  White students are getting better instruction and the schools are placed in areas where black student cannot attend them because their neighborhoods are located far away from the better schools and are better financed.


Some schools are trying to do better by imposing dress codes and other things that teach black children to have pride in themselves.  These schools are few and far between.  The educators at most schools don’t truly care, they go to the schools each morning and put in their eight hours, then return home and think that they have done a fine job but all they have done is sit and watch our children fall through the cracks.  Truly the system has taken away their power.  The students dictate what the teacher can and can’t do.


Children go back on the streets and follow what they see the older men and women doing.  The boys and girls have no regard for what they do or say.  Boys use every sort of language in front of girls and women.  Women think boys and men look good wearing their pants down below their buttocks, which is a custom that started in prisons where men do not have belts to hold their pants up, so they slip down and their underwear are showing.  The word for wearing your pants in this manner is called “SAGGIN”, now if you reversed this spelling you get the true meaning of the word, “NIGGAS”.  It is not my intention to write in a disrespectful manner, but calling a spade a spade is truthful.


It is no wonder that most the the young men cannot find gainful employment.  They get out of school before completing high school and they have what you may say, they have no class.  They don’t even have the drive to at least get a GED.  Teachers are afraid to be firm with their students for fear of retaliation from them or the parents.  Parents are saying that their children are not capable of doing or don’t do the things that the teachers say they are doing.  “That is my little angel.” 


One last item, the law says in no uncertain terms that you can have no control over your children.  Your child will blatantly look you in the face and tell you that if you touch them they will call the police on you.  Parents are afraid to punish their children.  The way the internet put information in front of our children, they know all of the ins and outs of controlling their parents. 


We have gotten in this position because all of the do gooders and coddlers have introduced laws that will not let you punish you child.  They say that you are abusing the child.  When I was young children got spanked and their ears got pulled and if they used bad words their mouths got washed out with soap, but no one heard of this thing called “TIME OUT”, time out was when you talked back to your parents or to your teacher and you found yourself  looking up from the floor.  I don’t ever recall any child ever being beat to the point where they had to go to a hospital or doctor.  And very seldom did you hear of a child going to a youth detention center.  There was one for blacks and one for whites, but I for one don’t know of any kid from my neighborhood going to one, and our neighborhood ran the gambit.


Forgive me for jumping from one subject to another but this is my blog and my subtitle is I write about any and everything that crosses my mind, which flashes back and forth at a moments notice.   Thank you for reading…….


We are caught between a rock and a hard place. There was a time when you did not know the name of a specific drug and what ailment it was used for.

Drug companies want us to believe that they are doing us a favor by informing us of what ailments the drugs are suppose to relieve, even though this is not the whole truth.

Those companies are creating drugs that are doing wonders and some that are also harming us.  We really don’t know which ones are going to do what, all we can do is “trust” them.  I don’t completely trust anyone or any company that in involved in compiling vast sums of money.

We all know that it takes pharmacutical companies many years to develop drugs and that they want to recover the funds they used to develop, test, and get the drugs approved for sale.  All of this takes millions of dollars and we know that they want and should recoup expenses.  What we don’t want and don’t need is the pharmacutical companies telling us what each and every new drug is for and what it is suppose to do.

They basically want the patients to ask for these patented drugs, knowing that there is a premium price placed on them.  The more the drug is going to be used the lower the price should be, but the amount of people using a drug does not always determine the limit of time that they will have a high price on it.  A good example of that is Viagra.  That drug has been used by millions of men and the pharmacutical company has made millions of dollars more than it cost them to produce and market this drug and this one does not even save people’s lives.  But on the other end of the scale are the drugs that are meant to prolong lives.  That people that actually need them but cannot afford them because they cost hundreds of dollars for one months supply.  The drug companies don’t really give a damn about what people can afford and what they need.  Their concern is the bottom line.

My big question is why are these companies allow to do their expensive advertising?  We know that to advertise on television during prime time cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and the pharmacutical companies are putting their product in front of the general public, knowing that we cannot just go to a drug store and buy these drugs over-the-counter. 

At the same time they hire people to go to the doctor’s office and peddle their drugs.  You can’t go to a doctor’s office without seeing someone come in pulling a case and go to the rear of the doctor’s office immediately.  His/her stay in the office may be a few minutes or it may be a half hour or more, but believe me his company is paying for his/her time in that office. 

Now think of it this way.  How many times have you gone to the doctor’s office and asked for one of the drugs that are advertised on television? Not many I’d bet.  Now how many times has the doctor written you a prescription and upon getting it in you hand you ask, “Is this a generic drug?  Is there something cheaper?”  Almost every time you receive a prescription.

 I don’t understand  why the powers that be don’t put some sort of restrictions on the networks and their selling of advertisment time and the pharmacutical companies purchasing of this time.  It is not necessary for them to advertise drugs which the general public has no control over purchasing.  When the time comes where we are able to write our own scripts, then they will have to have their products in the front of us each and every day. 

Can you imagine what  it would be like if we could write our own scripts?