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We have just seen what the power of the people can do in Egypt.  If the people are displeased with what is transpiring in their surroundings and neighborhoods then they can make a change if they take charge and make a showing of strength.  There is strength in unity.

Too long have we let the criminals and drug dealers do whatever they want to do on our streets.  We as the people of New Orleans and Jefferson Parish need to take back our streets.  We need to help the police and sheriff’s deputies do their jobs.  If we show the authorities that we care then we will get a batter response in controlling the streets from them, and if we don’t get that response, we need to see to it that they are replaced.

Of course the actions of the people here in the United States cannot be the same as those in Egypt, simply because of retaliation from the ones we are trying to get rid of would be different.  We know that drug kingpins fight back and to do something openly is like putting a sign on your back with “KILL ME”, on it. 

With the voice of the people (even through it is a silent voice in a way) telling the police every minute of the day what the criminals are doing, they will have to take action. 

If the people keep telling the police who is behind crime on the streets they will have to do something about it, it makes no difference how trivial it is.  What the people should do is call the 911 number and report it and then call a couple of television stations (don’t give their name and address) and report that they have called the police and let them know if action has been taken or if it has not been taken.  Sooner or later more and more people will be calling and television stations will report what the citizens are doing and this action will have a balooning effect.  Criminals will see that their crimes are being reported and that more of their people are being arrested so they will have to move to another location.

The families and friends of individuals that are mixed up in criminal activities will sooner or later realize that the life of crime is going to get their family members either killed or imprisoned.  Maybe some of them will get through with their message and be cause for someone to get out of the game.

That is only wishful thinking on my part, but it just may happen.  We often see family members that are on the scenes where their loved one have been murdered and they are crying and saying what a good boy he was.  “Why did he have to be shot?  He didn’t do anything wrong.”

Well these people are lying to themselves because they know that their son was selling drugs, stealing cars, or doing other shady things.  They are out there cheating and stealing from other people that are doing the same things.  This makes enemies and the parents and loved ones know this, but yet they make excuses for the dead person laying there on the ground.  I can understand their crying over the person on the ground, but it was their neglect and their turning a blind eye to their child’s wrong doing.

I know what is going on because I had years dealing with the inmates in the Orleans Parish Prison.  These idiots think that they can beat the law.  They are under the assumption that they will not get caught.  Rather than stay in school and get a proper education, they would prefer being on the streets getting what they believe makes them smarter than the entire police force or legal system.  I confess that the NOPD needs some improvement, but they aren’t as inept as most may think.  The truth is, if we the general public would assist the police department, they would do a much better job in apprehending criminals.  This I have stated many times in prior posting.

Yesterday (Feb. 14, 2011), Valentine Day, we had another shooting spree in the city which cost one young man his life.   In the process a baby was shot (but will survive).  This baby was only three months of age and had nothing to do with the shooting but will be reminded for the rest of his life because of the scar. 

Now you can say whatever you want to but in my mind at least one person can identify the person or persons that were doing the shooting and to my way of thinking, should be the person that identifys whomever it was that did the shooting.  The police could not stop the shooting but the victims of the shooting can stop it from happening again. 

If these people are not identified and stopped, then the name of the game is retaliation.  Someone will say, “So and so shot my brother or cousin, or friend and will pay for doing that.” and then another shooting will take place.  It is a wicked circle.

If this circle involves you or your family, put a stop to it because only the people that are involved can do that.


Let’s go back, way back to the days of pulling the pigtails of the girl that is sitting in front of you. Those days are hopefully long gone.

Those days may be gone but there is another monster that is looming on the scene, and has been there for far too long. It is the trend of bullying students that are smaller, smarter, younger, that speak differently, and stand out for various other reasons.

The very idea of these children that are being targeted by other students and not being protected by the staff of their schools is unbelievable. It is hard enough that the students have to endure the teasing and taunting of these bullys, but to reporting these acts is extremely difficult. These children may think that reporting the bullys will make them ostracized by their peers, so they will not report the wrong doers.

When this bullying takes place in schools, the principal and other people of authority do not want to get involved and in a lot of cases they make the situation harder for the student that is being bullied.

There has been so much in the news lately that you would think more would be done in schools regarding these acts.

Too many children are taking their own lives in one way or the other. Parents are trying to have action taken to the students that are performing these acts but it seems to be the norm that administrators take a blind eye and turn their backs on children that make these reports to them.

We often wonder why bullys do what they do? There are many reasons why bullying takes place. Some kids do it just to feel important. Others bully to get noticed by their friends. But I feel the worst of bullys get it from their homes, where the members of their family yell and scream at each other. In these families there is much anger and fussing at all times so the kids go to school thinking that this is the norm in families. They may think that all families act this way, so they have to do it also.

Some kids form groups that seem to think the same was and they have formed opinions in their minds that push them toward doing things in unison. If one says, “Let’s get Bob or Mary to do something that he would not normally do,” then the group would agree to do that.

My question is, why don’t the school authorities take more action when they receive complaints from kids that say they are being bullied. They can see and hear of the children that are killing themselves because of the bullying in school. Some kids don’t give in the bullys but there are hundreds that do and are afraid to say something about it. 

We must protect our children and when we see a drastic change in their behavior be able to sit them down and hold a heart to heart conversation with them.  You don’t just brush their attitude off by saying that they are teenagers and it is a phase that they are going through.  Sure teenagers go through phases but the parent has to be alert to what is happening.