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In Covington, La, Edward Schorle 21 of Covington, La., accidently dialed 911 and the call was intercepted by Lt. Jack West of the Covington PD, who heard Schorle’s girlfriend asking  him if he was going to smoke that shit in her car, and if he was he would have to get out of her car. 

After locating the sight of the call through the 911 system, officers found it coming from a 2001 White Ford Pickup.  According to West, Schorle’s girlfriend told officers there was marijuana in the glove box of the truck and Schorle admitted that it was his.  West said officers removed one gram of marijuana and two pipes from the vehicle and arrested Schorle.


For the last month or so I have been sort of quiet on my blog and now that the Republicans are fighting over who likes this and who likes that it may be time for just a little post on what they are showing us.

We went through the great debate the Republicans had going before the so called Obama Care bill passed.  They stood as one against that Medicare Bill and were not going to change their individual minds.

Now we can see how out of control they are.  Newt Romney and Rick Santorum cannot agree on a single thing but they were locked together against every word of the Medicare Bill.  How do you do something like that?  You can say that the sky is blue and I can disagree with you as a person.  You can’t always say that I am wrong because I may be color blind, and through my eyes your blue sky may be green to me.

Well when it comes to how people think we can never predict what is on their minds.  We don’t know truly where they are coming from.  Education, family teachings, community affairs and many other things enter into the equation.

People are raised with certain religious beliefs when they are young and at sometime in their lives they or how they believe changes.  The way they look at certain things change.  How they treat life and what they think of life changes, and just because you don’t think and believe as they do, doesn’t mean they are wrong.  Blue is Green to some people, because of a physical defect that they have.

I believe that many Republicans are locked in their way of thinking because there is a mental defect that they suffer from (money hunger).  If they are set on saying that everything Barack Obama is trying to do is wrong, then they should see eye to eye on how the country should be run.  But they don’t .

Patrick Henry in a speach said, “Give me liberty or give me death.”  A long time age many people believed in those words.  Today they are worth zilch (zero).  People don’t give a hoot about anything (except the almighty dollar).  There are battles going on in congress about almost everything, from religion to birth control.  Religion and government are not suppose to be put together and birth control, the government has nothing to do with a man’s or a woman’s family or how many children they should or should not have.

We are in the midst of the up and coming presidental election.  Lies and unknowns are being thrown around like a Ticker Tape Parade.  You can’t tell who is telling the truth and who isn’t.  Here we go again with the Blue Sky and the green one.  I think it is mainly GRAY.

Getting down to the meat of the argument, it is, is our government working as it should?  Some folks will say that it is and some will say that it isn’t.  To a greater or lesser degree it is.  There are people in Washington, D.C. that will say do this or do that, but they are not doing anything to improve what is going on.  The Republican possible selections for our possible next president don’t show much promise.  They say that they know how to cure our problems and the problems that President Obama inherited from our outstanding Republican president - George Bush.

We who believe in President Obama know that he received an almost impossible problem.  He has, as we say, he has worked with what he received, to the best of his ability.  He inherited two wars, from a republican, an economy that going down the toilet, a congress that changed to a republican majority en masse refused to work with him because of the House Leader John Boehner.

I would love to continue with this but I have other things to do today.


The people we send to Washington, D.C. to do a job for us, must think that they are playing chess and that we are the pawns, that can be move only one space at a time and they jump all around us at the speed of light.

They have gotten away with their shenanigans for so long that they don’t believe that we can do anything to stop them.  The politicians get elected and expect to be able to spend the rest of their lives in office.  If it were completely up to me I would throw two-thirds of them out of D.C.  They are actually do nothing, easy money grubbing individuals.  Why do we keep relying on them to do something substantial and we know that they will never do anything that will improve everyone’s economic situation.

For the small amount of work that they seem to be doing, they all deserve “F’s”  This budget thing that they are said to have agree to should have been completed the last time it came up.  Both sides know that we are in deep financial trouble and the economy is going down the tube.  They keep putting a bandaid on it which will only stay on the sore for six, eight, or twelve months.

Our main thing is, we, as the general public, that have the greatest need for relief, are getting nothing from the Republicans, and the Democrats are going full speed ahead in their spending mode.  We all know that there has been too much spending in Washington.  The strength of the U.S. Dollar in the world has been going down for the past ten to twenty years.  If it continues we will be in very deep trouble in the near future.  There will be a big change in the financial power of the world.  The U.S. Dollar will no longer be the monetary figure which everything is measured against.  As a matter of fact it is failing at this moment.

You see, many things that are happening to us that each side of the aisle is blaming on the opposite side.  The Republicans are saying that Obama Care is crippling us.  That it will not work, what the GOP won’t tell everyone  is that Obama Care is the fact of the matter is, it is modeled after Romney Care.  That is the truth, Obama Care is modeled after Massachusett’s medical care law.  This law is the baby of former governor Mitt Romney and voted on by the people of Massachusett, AND IT IS WORKING in that state.   So why are the Republicans saying that it is bad for the country?  Well lets take a look at what they did.  To start with they enacted the law, then they got assistance from the federal government to help them finance the bill.  The United States has no one to loan them the money to help with the health bill.

Then when it comes to knowledge of what is happening, they hide many of the truths of the matter.  They don’t tell us that Romney Care is well and is working in Massachusetts and the people of that state love it.

They (the Republicans) don’t tell you that it is working so well that nearly 100% of the people in that state have medical care.  They don’t tell you that he would repeal Obama Care and let each state find it’s own solution.

Since Romney Care came into effect, approximately six years have passed and in Massachusetts the people that are covered went from about 90% to approximately 98%.  AND THE STATE IS NOT BROKE YET.

Gov. Deval Patrick (D), governor of Massachusetts said that he cannot understand how Mitt Romney (R), Ex-Gov., can be so against something that he started in Massachusetts, that is working so well, and that is making progress on the federal level.

The Republicans will try, and LIE, and do anything to get President Obama out of office and make him a “One Term President”.  Their thing is to, go against any and everything he (Obama) tries to do, even if you like it.

They say that he is too easy on the countries that are driving the price of our gasoline up.  They want to know why he is against opening up the Gulf to more drilling and what does he have against the pipeling from Canada.  Why not do more drilling on the North Slope of Alaska?  There are legitimate answers to all of these questions.  Just think of how progress as effected the landscape of the United States in the pass when people did not think very far ahead as to what the consequence of their actions would do to the country.  Where are the Passenger Pigeons now?  What almost happened to the Grey Wolf, the Bison, the Alligator, and our national bird, the Bald Eagle.  Forward thinking people saved all of them.

They want to know why he does not take military action against some of the countries that are killing their people and also killing some of ours.  Well we just got our troops out of Iraq and the advisors that were left there are now getting killed

Iran is doing everything possible to draw the United States in war, but President Obama is trying to keep a level head.  We don’t need another war at this time of economic recovery.  We are deep enough in the hole as it is.

Well, these and other arguments have been going on for years and years and will be going on as long as man, (and woman) are here on earth.