For the last month or so I have been sort of quiet on my blog and now that the Republicans are fighting over who likes this and who likes that it may be time for just a little post on what they are showing us.

We went through the great debate the Republicans had going before the so called Obama Care bill passed.  They stood as one against that Medicare Bill and were not going to change their individual minds.

Now we can see how out of control they are.  Newt Romney and Rick Santorum cannot agree on a single thing but they were locked together against every word of the Medicare Bill.  How do you do something like that?  You can say that the sky is blue and I can disagree with you as a person.  You can’t always say that I am wrong because I may be color blind, and through my eyes your blue sky may be green to me.

Well when it comes to how people think we can never predict what is on their minds.  We don’t know truly where they are coming from.  Education, family teachings, community affairs and many other things enter into the equation.

People are raised with certain religious beliefs when they are young and at sometime in their lives they or how they believe changes.  The way they look at certain things change.  How they treat life and what they think of life changes, and just because you don’t think and believe as they do, doesn’t mean they are wrong.  Blue is Green to some people, because of a physical defect that they have.

I believe that many Republicans are locked in their way of thinking because there is a mental defect that they suffer from (money hunger).  If they are set on saying that everything Barack Obama is trying to do is wrong, then they should see eye to eye on how the country should be run.  But they don’t .

Patrick Henry in a speach said, “Give me liberty or give me death.”  A long time age many people believed in those words.  Today they are worth zilch (zero).  People don’t give a hoot about anything (except the almighty dollar).  There are battles going on in congress about almost everything, from religion to birth control.  Religion and government are not suppose to be put together and birth control, the government has nothing to do with a man’s or a woman’s family or how many children they should or should not have.

We are in the midst of the up and coming presidental election.  Lies and unknowns are being thrown around like a Ticker Tape Parade.  You can’t tell who is telling the truth and who isn’t.  Here we go again with the Blue Sky and the green one.  I think it is mainly GRAY.

Getting down to the meat of the argument, it is, is our government working as it should?  Some folks will say that it is and some will say that it isn’t.  To a greater or lesser degree it is.  There are people in Washington, D.C. that will say do this or do that, but they are not doing anything to improve what is going on.  The Republican possible selections for our possible next president don’t show much promise.  They say that they know how to cure our problems and the problems that President Obama inherited from our outstanding Republican president - George Bush.

We who believe in President Obama know that he received an almost impossible problem.  He has, as we say, he has worked with what he received, to the best of his ability.  He inherited two wars, from a republican, an economy that going down the toilet, a congress that changed to a republican majority en masse refused to work with him because of the House Leader John Boehner.

I would love to continue with this but I have other things to do today.